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Map out your business

create a step by step map of your business


How are you getting your customers? We'll map your lead generation and growth systems to GDPR's guidelines. No need to know the exact definitions of GDPR, we do that for you. Human language, clear and straightforward.


Your computers and software. We'll get to know your infrastructure to assess GDPR's impact. Everything is guided so even non-technical business owners can answer these questions.

Processes and People

You and your employees are key to maintaining compliance. We'll go through your processes and how you manage your employees to create a framework that can be compared to GDPR.

Risk Map

What's your weak spot

know exactly what areas of your business you need to improve

Know where you stand

Understanding exactly where you stand with GDPR is key. We'll highlight the areas that need work and let you know exactly what you're missing.
Feel secure about where you stand and be in the perfect position to take action.

Unlimited redo

When you pay for an audit, that's it. One audit. Not with Core GDPR.

Every time you change something in your business, you can just retake the risk assessment. Even when the legislation itself changes, you'll always have the latest version, right at your fingertips.

Asset Vault

Assets to keep you compliant

changing the way you do things isn't enough, you need more

Privacy Policy

Create your own custom privacy policy that you can use on your site. It will cover everything you need and be tailored for your business specifically. Made a change in your business? Maybe you moved? Generate a new privacy policy to accommodate the changes

More stuff coming soon...

Our goal is to make life as easy as possible and that requires assets and tools. Coming your way: Company policies, employee documents and communication, website assets. Anything to reduce the burden of GDPR.

And in June, we'll be launching the easiest GDPR assistant on the market.

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