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GDPR Shorts – Part Two


The basic principle behind getting GDPR to work

GDPR feels ... Raw. Suddenly, all your website's finesse is completely gone. Before you were very careful about what you put where and now, suddenly, everything needs to be gated.

Use the power flows and needing completion to help you with GDPR.


OH MY GOD, SO I CAME HOME TO MY WIFE AND SH...  <click here to read more>

Feels bad, doesn't it?

What did he come home to?

No one knows. (neither do I, I made it up on the spot... maybe I'll follow up some time...)

This is one of the most powerful things in marketing: People want closure. Now, closure isn't something you can use to make people do everything, but for small actions, it's perfect. It's why click bait works so well. Of course, I'm not telling you to start click baiting, instead, I want you to think about what's behind it.

You see, when you guide people through a process and you need something from them, you're always going to have to give something in return.

If you don't, no one is going to do something.

Value vs Closure

Don't make the mistake of assuming giving away an ebook is the same as closure. Closure is way more instant and is purely based on feelings.

You see, if an open end just lays there, and the expectation is to have immediate satisfaction, THAT'S when it works.

Value usually doesn't give immediate satisfaction, it usually even takes effort, especially in a B2B environment.

But there's another important distinction.

Closure is pure emotion, so if it's up for grabs, people won't be as "rational" as they would be otherwise. They just want to get to the next part. It's why it's used by less reputable sites and it's also why it can help you get people over that hump of having to give yet another site explicit consent to their "personal" data.

This isn't about tricking people, don't get me wrong.

No, by now, people have had to click hundreds, if not thousands of checkboxes. And just as everyone was sick of the "we use cookies message", everyone is going to be sick of GDPR consent boxes as well.

So it's your job to be smart about it and make it worth clicking yet another checkbox or agree button. Only this time, biology is giving you a helping hand. Thanks brain!