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Terms and Privacy - Highlights

Terms and Conditions


Below, you can find an overview of our terms and conditions, outlining the most important points, in human language, of the full Terms and Conditions. These are not our legal terms and they are not exhaustive, but they are the highlights and serve to help you understand our terms.

Please refer to our full terms and conditions, here.


Constant development

This website is under constant development and change, sometimes bugs may occur that reduce the site's functionality and we don't always know how long it will take us to fix the issue. While we aim to resolve any issues, we are not liable for these issues. That said, you can always contact us to try to resolve any issues that you may be experiencing.

User provided

All data we work with is provided by you or if you're using our user servicing software, by your users. That means that we can only work with what has been provided to us. We are not liable for any misunderstandings, or conclusions that can be made after working with our software. The software is provided as is and we cannot guarantee that the information provided is accurate or that the drawn conclusions are accurate.

Safest Bet

This website tries to provide the safest bet in terms of guidance and tips.

That means that there might be more optimal solutions in your case, but we try to err on the side of safety when we provide insight into what GDPR would mean in your situation.


This website is, for now, only provided in English. This is to be able to help as many people as possible, since it is a European phenomenon. We do not offer this website in any local language and by using this site you are indicating that you are comfortable with working in English and able to interpret legal and casual language reasonably well.

Provided as is

This website is provided as is. Its intention is to give people guidance as to how to handle GDPR in their case and tries to provide as many tools as possible to make life easier under GDPR. At no point, however, do we claim to be complete in what we offer. In addition, you cannot use the usage of this website as a basis for any legal claims. We do not guarantee updates although we do strive for give you updates and improvements.

Privacy Policy


Below, you can find an overview of our privacy policy, outlining the most important points, in human language, of the full Privacy Policy. These is not our legal policy and they is not exhaustive, but these are the highlights and serve to help you understand how we work with your data.

Please refer to our full privacy policy, here.


GDPR & CASL compliant

This website is maintained and created in Europe and follows the rules of the EU's GDPR. In addition, all our activity is also CASL compliant, which is Canada's anti-SPAM Legislation.

Under GDPR you, the user, has some rights and we extend these rights to all of our users, regardless of their location. The personal data that your provide is yours and you may for example, at any time, ask us to provide insight into the personal data we have from you and it will be provided withing 30 days. Your personal data, is any piece of information that may identify you as a person or relates to you as a natural person. You have the right to know what we do with your data, who has access and their locations.

Data Analysis & Tracking

We have cookies running on our website that will be placed as you use this website. These are the main functions of these cookies: Log in and out and keep you logged in; Google analytics tells us what users do on our website but doesn't provide personal data to us directly; The Facebook Pixel allows us to track who accesses our website so we can market to them more effectively afterwards, here too, we don't get individual user data. For both Google and Facebook, actual personal data will be tracked inside their environments and that means that control over what happens lies with your configuration with Facebook and Google who also have to comply with GDPR.

Partners and their Activity

We do a lot of work ourselves, but we do engage with partners who may get access to your data. We will ensure at all times that our partners themselves are GDPR compliant. We will not transfer your information without your permission. Currently, if you have received no notification from our end of any transfer, these are the partners that have access to your personal data and their activities: Our host, Fastcomet, stores the data for us; Google uses your personal accounts or information you leave with their systems to provide us with additional information, as well as Facebook; In addition, to manage mailing, we're using Mailchimp, and to manage our webinars, we're using WebinarNinja. Our personnel has access for site maintenance and testing.

All these services are located withing the EU

Exercising your rights and reaching out

You can at any point in time reach out to us with regard to rights as a user under GDPR. You can ask access to your data (not our systems, of course!), complete or partial erasure, rectification, and restrict us from certain processing activities. In the last three cases, we can of course no longer guarantee the completeness of our service, depending on your request.

Normally and at most, we only have access to these pieces of personal data, unless you provided us with more information: Email, Location, Name, Log-in state, and Activity on the website (via Google and Facebook). Outside of our systems, know that Facebook and Google may also be using your information to give us anonymous insights into our site's visitors and users. In addition, upon payment, you submit your data to our payment provider (Stripe) and it is stored securely with them and we do not have direct access but can remove this data on request.