New Assessment – Acquisition

New Assessment – Acquisition

  • Acquisition Tactics Used
  • Channels
  • Growth strategies

Acquisition Tactics Used

What tactics are you using to get more customers?

Channels Used

Chat channels are you using to get customers?

Maintenance and growth strategies used

How are you maintaining contact with the customers you already have?

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An older concept for customer acquisition is to use software like skype, or even Flock and Slack to start the conversation with new potential customers. Mark this even if you're not interacting through the platform, but also when you're using it to gather information on leads as well.
Blogs, articles, infographics, video… You name it. If you're using these things to get new customers, you should mark this. Also, be sure to mark this of you're using someone else's content to get new customers.
Messaging online is easier than ever. If you're using services like Facebook messenger to get new customers, be sure to mark it here as well. This is not when you're posting on your wall, or sending a tweet, but specifically only when you're using direct messaging to get new customers.
Running ads in facebook or on LinkedIn? Maybe you have a deal with a certain blog to market to their followers. Be sure to mark this. All advertising online is relevant for this category.
When a user takes action on your website and you retain that information, mark this section. This could be anything a user does to interact with your website except just browsing it. Instead this is for everythin that requires a user to deliberately leave a piece of inrmation on your website. These are things like logging in, leaving comments, filling out the contact form or chatting with you or a chatbot
Where do you get your contacts from? If they haven't found you online through their own search or they weren't on a social network, then there must be other sources. Anthing from referrals to full-fledged partnerships should be marked here.
Any email that you send through any kind of platform where the receipient does not know who your are is a cold mail. Even with occasional use, you should mark this.
Any call you make where the receipient does not know who your are is a cold call. Even with occasional use, you should mark this.
If you’re using joint ventures to get new customers, this should be marked. A joint venture is a coopration between to parties that have a relationship together and there is no unilatteral control. This is usually a one to one cooperation.
When you're using partnerships to get new customers but the relationship is leimited and controlled unilatterally (usually by you), that's an affiliate. This is usually a one to many cooperation.
Facebook pages, groups, LinkedIn communities, Quora followers. If you're syphoning users from a social media network into your funnel or use their information, even if it is from interacting with your own page, mark this.
TV, Radio, magazines, but most importantly, the use of small circulation media like pamphlets, brochures, and gazettes.
Are you tracking people that visit your website? Even if you're only allowing people to log in, you're tracking their activity. So, as soon as you have any idea of a user's actions or have the ability to see what the bulk of users are doing, mark this one.
When people have left their email address with you, it's possible to track them with more accuracy or upload their data into Facebook. Mark this if these are functionalities you're using.
It's often possible to advertise directly to your followers on social media and some smaller networks even allow special communication. If you're reaching out to your followers on social media with any other means than normal interaction, mark this.
When you're using a purchased list to get new customers, but also keep messaging them to get them
You've probably collected a whole lot of information over time. Even your customer files are an important asset. If you're using the data you already have to find others that are alike, mark this option. Typically, this is used for custom audiences on Facebook and Google, but also others
E-mail marketing is the most cost effective way of engaging your existing customer base and generating more sales. Mark this if you're marketing to customers via email.
Survey tools like survey monkey are a good way to get to know your customer base, but even scheduling tools should be counted under this category. Any time you ask your customer to give you additiional information, this is a relevant mark
Asking for customer reviews or scoring? Mark this segment as well.