New Assessment – Backend

New Assessment – Backend

  • On Premise
  • SAAS
  • Partners and Suppliers
  • User Side

On Premise Systems

Mark which systems are in use in your organization.

Any on premise systems that were not mentioned above?

SAAS and Off-premise systems

Mark or comment on what's being used off-premise.

Partners and Suppliers

Mark or comment what data is hosted or shared with third parties

User Side Data Collection

Mark what data is collected at the user's side

Uploading results

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Some information

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The main (green sections) are the most important. Subsections give us more information to work with.

Are you hosting data locally in a dedicated environment like a database? Even if part of the data is hosted locally, this is relevant for this section. Think about Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Resource manegement and other applications as well.
It's very common to have data stored in local files like excel files, access files or other spreadsheet software. In some cases, even text documents can contain significant amounts of personal data.
Do you have a network storage on premise, that is used to store files and functions as a backup storage for computers and laptops at your company
Dedicated data hosting online with a third party makes scaling easy. If you're using any third party cloud solution to store your data, even with your hosting provider, this section is relevant.
When you're using a third party piece of software that connects to a remote server or any data-related Software As A Service (SAAS) to do data analytics, or customer service logging, mark this section as relevant to your business. This includes CRMs, ERPs and even connectors such as Zapier or IFTT.
Any other Software as a storage that is used that may be relevant to personal data?
As an extention to the data related software, Marketing Software as a service (SAAS) and sales SAAS that helps with automation such as sending emails and customer followup is relevant. This includes software that connects applications like IFTT and Zapier.
If you're storing files online, even when it's just your phone's contact data or files you're backing up to the cloud, this section is relevant.
Are you sharing data with your partners that may include personal data? If any data that you have is shared with partners, suppliers or contractors, this section is relevant.
If you have a website like an intranet that you make available to companies that you work with, or even software that you share access with, mark this section as relevant
Do you share access to one of your local or externally hosted systems like servers, databases or even a workstation, with your partners? If this is the case, this sectoin is relevant to your businesses
If you have any other share systems between you and your partners or suppliers, mark this as relevant.
If you're working with a supplier, they often have a system you use to log new orders. These are systems like an online goods order form seen on websites such as ebay or aliexpress, but could also be service requests, returns and warranty claims. Mark this relevant if this is the case for your business.
If you're tracking user activity using cookies or any other file stored locally on the visitor's device this section is relevant for you.
Do you have any other method of tracking user activity on the user's side?