New Assessment – Processes and People

New Assessment – Processes and People

  • Data Management
  • Customer Service
  • IT Activities
  • Sales
  • Marketing

CRM and Contact data Management

What work is typically done in terms of data handling?

Customer Service

Mark which actions may happen when performing customer service

IT Activities

What roles are active related to day to day IT activities

Sales processes

Mark the sales activities that are done in your business

Marketing Activities

What work is typically involved with regard to marketing

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When you've been to an event, it's very common to add all your new contacts to an online database or simply your CRM. If you add contacts to your database or any file, manually, without them having gone through an online funnel you need to mark this section.
Every once in a while you should be looking at your past customers and get in touch again.
Cleaning data or adding additional data to your existing databases? Mark this section here.
If you're going through data and use any kind of segmenting, mannually or automatically, even when you're tracking usage or custumer specific metrics, mark this segment as relevant.
You're probably using Google analytics to track your website's performance. For every kind of tracking that you do, as well as if you analyze this data, mark this.
Customer service requires you to log information somewhere and design the processes arround it. For all activity around customer service data handling, like setting up the processes and system, as well as logging the communication history and addtional data that was requested, mark this section.
If at any time you reach out to customers to follow up and ask for additional information, mark this section as relevant
Are you using a third party to handle (part) of your customer service? If you're sharing your data with third parties or require customers to share their data with that external party as well as provide any level of access, mark this section here.
Do you have an internal network that people log on to or use computers to access any data that may relate to a person, mark this section. For most businesses, the answer here is yes.
Do you have any activity that requires you or a third party to manage a database and check for security or data integrity? Even an initial setup is relevant here.
When you're working in teams, it's a good idea to have a centralized access system. If you're using any kind of directory service or even if you're using a virtual desktop environment, mark this section as relevant.
Do you have a centralized software deployment system or a decentralized one? If you're installing and updating new software manually and not automated mark this section as well
Do you have a portal for internal use or a website that needs to be kept up to date? Mark this section as relevant
If you're using data available online as a source for new leads or purchase new lists to do additional sales, even if you're not reaching out, but just documenting the information after you've found it online, mark this section as relevant.
How you reach out and who your reach out to matters. In this case, if you have an outlined strategy to get new customers or have a salesscript that you are using this is part of your control.
After you've closed a sale, parts of the contracts may sometimes be renegatiated or adjusted. If adding or changing parts of existing contracts is a common practice, mark this here.
Any time you're communicating with customers to make a sale, this section is relevant, expeciqlly if you're asking for additional data.
A lot of new business is acquired by an exsiting contact putting a business in touch with a potential lead. In this case, taking note of the potential leads through referrals to keep track and reaching out is relevant for this section.
Setting up and implementing all elements of your marketing funnel has an impact on your compliance, especially when it relates to communication about rights and policies that currently exist at your business.
Implementing software to gather data from your customers and visitors is key for markting success and is relevant to this section.
After and during the implementation of a funnel or making changes to an existing funnel, is there a standard approach for validating compliance and the general operation of the funnel so that no links are broken and all relevant information is indeed accessible?
When you're designing new email campaigns, segmenting your contacts or planning out new campaigns you're also working with personal data, and your designs should reflect that. If you do email marketing that goes further than the standard reminder mail or newsletter, you should probably mark this section as relevant.
Any implementation of tools that assist with marketing, from user tracking to signup to a chatbot needs to be set up in accordance with the regulation. If you have any tools installed or are installing them, mark this section as relevant.
Working together with partners is a great way of expanding your business and helping your customerseven more. The way you structure your partnerships and how you communicate is important here.
Creating posts and postin them, reacting to comments and interacting with followers this is what's relevant for this section. If you have specific standards around this, mark this section as relevant
Same as with social media, when you're writing articles or posts for third party channels, all activity you have on these channels is relevant. This includes posting articles, commenting and wnswering comments as well.